Madeline Davey

Research Interests:

My research interests are focused on the interactions of ecology and humans in coral reef environments, coral reef conservation and adaptive management, connectivity, and applying science to conservation management and policy. I have particular interest in marine protected areas and how fisheries and other high-use stakeholders can interact sustainably with coral reef environments.

Educational Qualifications:

February 2009-November 2012 .Arts Honours (Marine Science, First Class). Geosciences, Government and International Relations, Hebrew. University of Sydney, Australia.

March-April 2016. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) training, University of the Philippines – Dilliman.

Research Publications:

Davey, M., & Gillespie, J. (2014). The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Marine Protected Area: valuing local perspectives in environmental protection. Australian Geographer, 45(2), 131-145.

Co, E. Gamboa, M. Castillo, E. Panela, S. Davey, M. Ceriola, P & Saban, R (2016). National Marine Policy Review and Strategic Direction. Review and Update of the 1994 National Marine Policy and the Formulation of the National Marine Strategy. University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies Press.


February 2015- July 2016 Senior Marine Science Researcher: Centre for Integrative and Development Studies – University of the Philippines.

March 2013- August 2014. Marine Ecosystems Project Officer: Centre for Environmental Concerns (CEC), Philippines.

February 2012- March 2013. Marine biologist, Educational guide: Marine Discovery Centre Bondi Beach.

November 2012, June 2013. Guest lecturer– University of Sydney; University of the Philippines – Manila.

January 2012- February 2013. Policy Researcher and Writer, UPJ, Sydney Australia.