Dr. Kay Critchell

My primary research interest is in understanding how ocean currents influence the spatial distributions of organisms and pollutants. I use biophysical models to predict dispersal in the coastal/continental shelf zone, and assess the role of ecological and physical processes as drivers of spatial distributions.

I am currently working towards understanding dispersal and connectivity of species in the Great Barrier Reef, including Crown-of-Thorns starfish. Knowledge of connectivity and dispersal pathways will inform targeted management action and monitoring of Crown-of-Thorns starfish in the GBR.

I am also involved in projects assessing the accumulation and risk of plastic pollution (including microplastics) in the Great Barrier Reef region. The aim of this project is to better understand this threat of emerging concern and ways to manage it.


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow  University of Queensland (Feb 2018 – present)

PhD Candidate          James Cook University (Mar 2014 - Jan 2018)

Thesis title: Using hydrodynamic models to understand the impacts and risks of plastic pollution

Bachelor of Marine Science with Honours (First class)              James Cook University   (Dec 2009 - Nov 2013)

Thesis title: The movement and accumulation of marine debris in the southern Great Barrier Reef

Twitter: @KayCritchell

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0599-2355