Fikri Firmansyah

Fikri grew up in an area far from the sea but he started loving the marine environment when he studied at IPB University, Indonesia. He enrolled for his bachelor degree in the Marine Science and Technology Department in 2004 and became a member of a student diving club at the university. After graduation, Fikri worked for Aceh Green and Fauna & Flora International Aceh Program from 2009 – 2013. Along with these organisations, Fikri supported local government to develop their marine protected area design and management plan. In 2014, Fikri continued his studies at the University of Tasmania, Australia and finished his Masters Degree researching spatial variation of coral reef communities, under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Wright and Dr. James Haddy. After that, Fikri went back to Indonesia and worked as a marine specialist consultant for WWF Indonesia for almost three years. He then came back to Australia to start his PhD at the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab at The University of Queensland with Professor Peter Mumby. Fikri’s research focuses on the optimisation of fisheries management tools implementation to sustain tropical reef fisheries.