Volunteering at MSEL – Elisa V. S. Menck

Elisa counting fish

Elisa V. S. Menck, Bachelor in Oceanography at the University of São Paulo, Brazil

“Study Abroad” program at UQ

My time at MSEL-

During the period I studied at UQ I had the great opportunity to volunteer at MSEL and after coming back to Brazil, I can say it was one of the highlights of my year in Australia. The young and updated team has a positive atmosphere and everyone is always willing to help one another. I loved the weekly meetings where on-going works are presented and discussed, helping the entire group with new questions and ideas.

Specifically, I got involved with Dr. Alastair Harborne’s project on ecology of fishes on the coral reef flat. I developed skills on important research tools such as video analyses, fish identification, as well as organizing a database on Microsoft Access. Moreover, I accompanied the field trips for data collection at the amazing Lizard and Heron Islands. In both field works we had intense days working either in or outside the water, be it a rainy or a sunny day! It was impressive being in contact with such a beautiful environment and with the gained knowledge and experiences, I grew professionally every day.

With that I thank Dr. Harborne for the teaching, patience and trust in my work. Also, when writing this brief text about my time at MSEL I thank the entire group for receiving me, Rosanna Griffith-Mumby for helping me with all the administrative issues and for being so kind and obviously Dr. Peter Mumby for promptly responding to my volunteering request and therefore for the opportunity within such a strong research group.

I definitely loved collaborating with the MSEL researchers.


Elisa_Cages_Heron Elisa_Fish School_Lizard Elisa_Cages_Heron2 Elisa at Lizard