Glovers Reef GIS Database


The Glover’s Reef GIS database is a comprehensive geospatial database containing details of surveys carried out by marine researchers at Glover’s reef. The GIS contains meta data on surveys undertaken, giving dates, locations and details of the principal investigator at each site.

Download and Installation

Glover’s GIS: 3.2mb (click here to download)
ArcReader: 105mb (click here to download)


The following instructions explain how to install and use the Glover’s Reef GIS database and ESRI ArcReader on a machine running Microsoft Windows. Users who wish to view the database with software other than the free ArcReader, or to download the database in a different format (zip) should see Other Platforms below.

After downloading the two files to your machine double click each in turn to install on your machine. Follow the on screen instructions. The suggested location for the database is C:GloversGIS.

Other Platforms

Published maps can also be opened in ArcGIS 9.0, a commercially available GIS system available from ESRI. For users familiar with GIS it is intended that this project will also be made available in it’s original, unpublished, format. Please contact us for more information.
More information will be given here about ESRI ArcGIS and ArcReader products. The database is also available in ZIP and tgz formats for non-windows users.

This work was commisioned by the Wildlife Conservation Society.