PhD sandwich internship at MSEL – Leonardo M. Neves

I visited the MSEL from April to August 2012 as part of a sandwich internship within my PhD programme in Brazil. During this period I had the opportunity to interact with the team of marine ecologists in MSEL, improve my statistical skills as well as enjoy the great UQ campus and visit some amazing places around Australia.

The main objective of this internship was to analyze my data on rocky reef fish communities using multivariate statistical methods. During my time in the lab I learned new analyses and different approaches that will be useful for my ongoing and future research. One of the great things about this internship was the weekly lab meetings when ecological questions were discussed and many good ideas came out from a knowledgeable and interested audience.

I owe a huge thank you to the entire MSEL team for receiving me and for the contributions on my project during this internship. I am especially grateful to Dr. Juan C. Ortiz who helped me to get the appropriate model for my multivariate community data, and for making lots of time to talk statistics, Dr. Alastair Harborne and Dr. Iliana Chollett for teaching me a method of wave exposure calculations as well as a special thanks to Prof. Peter Mumby for the opportunity to do this internship and for the great feedback about my project and Rosanna Griffith-Mumby for helping me with the visa administration and UQ inductions.

This internship at MSEL was fundamental to improving my PhD project and has given me more intellectual basis for my future career as a researcher.

Leonardo M. Neves, PhD in Animal Biology at the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro