Yves-Marie Bozec


Yves-Marie Bozec, PhD


Marine Spatial Ecology Lab
School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland
St. Lucia Brisbane, Qld 4072, Australia

Research interests

Coral reef resilience, disturbances, reef processes, habitat structure, fish ecology, trophic interactions


2010-2014 | Postdoctoral fellow, Marine Spatial Ecology Lab, University of Exeter (UK) /University of Queensland (Australia)
2009-2010 | Research associate, Laboratoire Ressources Halieutiques – IFREMER Sete (France)
2009 | Research associate, Laboratoire Informatique – Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes (France)
2007-2008 | Postdoctoral fellow, LEEAC, CINVESTAV Mérida (Mexico)
2002-2006 | PhD candidate, Departement Halieutique, Agrocampus Ouest (France) / IRD (New Caledonia)


2006 | PhD in Environmental Sciences – Marine Ecology (University Paris 6, France)
1999 | MSc in Oceanography & Marine Ecology – Statistics and Modelling (Univ. Paris 6)

Awards & grants

2010 | EU FP7-ENV Postdoctoral Fellowship
2008 | 11th International Coral Reef symposium Caribbean Travel Award (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
2007 | Best abstract prize of the CRTR Future Leaders Forum (Brisbane, Australia)
2007 | CINVESTAV-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship

Journal publications

  1. Mumby P.J., Wolff N.H., Bozec Y.-M., Chollett I., Halloran P. (2013) Operationalising the resilience of coral reefs in an era of climate change. Conservation Letters (in press)
  2. Bozec Y.-M., L. Yakob, S. Bejarano, P.J. Mumby (2013) Reciprocal facilitation and non-linearity maintain habitat engineering on coral reefs. Oikos 122: 428-440. pdf
  3. Largouët C., M.-O. Cordier, Y.-M. Bozec, Y. Zhao, G. Fontenelle (2012) Use of timed automata and model-checking to explore scenarios on ecosystem models. Environmental Modelling & Software 30: 123-138. pdf
  4. Bozec Y.-M., M. Kulbicki, F. Laloë, G. Mou-Tham, D. Gascuel (2011) Factors affecting the detection distances of reef fish: implications for visual counts. Marine Biology 158: 969–981. pdf
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  16. Bozec Y.-M., J. Ferraris, D. Gascuel, M. Kulbicki (2003) The trophic structure of coral reef fish assemblages: “trophic spectra” as indicators of human disturbances. Journal de Recherche Océanographique, 28: 15-20. pdf

Conference proceedings

  1. Bozec Y.-M., G. Acosta-González, E. Núñez-Lara, J.E. Arias-González (2008) Impacts of coastal development on ecosystem structure and function of Yucatan coral reefs, Mexico. Proceedings of the 11th ICRS, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 7-11, 2008, pp. 691-695. pdf
DEA (~ MSc II) in Marine Ecology – statistics and modelling (Univ. Paris 6)