Ellen Husain

Dr Ellen Husain

Marine Spatial Ecology Lab
School of Biological Sciences
University of Queensland
St. Lucia Brisbane, Qld 4072

tel: +61 (0)

Ellen combines PhD research in Caribbean reef ecology with a career in wildlife film making at the BBC Natural History Unit (England), where she specialises in underwater films.


2005 – 2012.  PhD research.

The Role of the Threespot Damselfish, Stegastes Planifrons, in Contemporary Caribbean Reef Ecology. Marine Spatial Ecology Laboratory, University of Exeter

2003 – MSc with Distinction. Applied Marine Science.

Diversity of zooxanthellae in the Great Barrier Reef coral Stylophora pistillata. University of Plymouth in collaboration with the University of Queensland, Australia.

1999 – B.Sc. Hon’s, First Class. Marine Biology.


Recent grants / projects

PhD: NERC studenship

MSc: NERC studentship

Journal publications

Eakin et al, 2010. Caribbean Corals in Crisis: Record Thermal Stress, Bleaching, and Mortality in 2005. PLoS one: 5 (11), 1-9.