Dr Alastair Harborne

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Marine Spatial Ecology Lab

School of Biological Sciences
University of Queensland
St. Lucia Campus Brisbane,
Qld 4072
Email: a.harborne@uq.edu.au

Tel: +61-(0)7 336 51671

Skype: al_harborne

UQ website: http://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/2293

Research Overview

I am an ecologist primarily interested in coral reef fishes, providing novel insights into the impacts of environmental change on these fishes, and underpinning sound conservation science. A current research focus, in both the Caribbean and Pacific, is examining the processes (abiotic and biotic) controlling the abundance, ecology, and behaviour of coral reef fish species, and integrating this work into food web models to provide a comprehensive understanding of tropical communities and the threats to their health. For example, these studies are demonstrating the potential impacts of sea-level rise on reef-flat food webs in the Pacific through changing predator-prey interactions and foraging behaviour. I am also interested in the impacts of marine reserves, including the indirect effects of trophic cascades driven by increases in predatory species. I also have a growing interest in comparing tropical and sub-tropical reefs. Finally, I am interested in collaborating with researchers from other disciplines (e.g. physiologists and geomorphologists / sedimentologists) to provide novel approaches to understanding the ecology of fishes and their provision of reef services.


1st March 2012 – 28st February 2015: Australian Research Council DECRA Research Fellow, University of Queensland
1st December 2008 – 30th November 2011: Natural Environment Research Council Independent Research Fellow, University of Exeter
1st October 2004 – 30th November 2008: Research / Teaching Assistant, University of Exeter
1st May 1996 – 31st December 2001: Coral Cay Conservation Marine Science Co-ordinator
13th September 1993 – 1st May 1996: Coral Cay Conservation Assistant Science Co-ordinator


January 2002 – December 2006: PhD at the University of Exeter. “The ecology of coral reef communities at seascape scales”.
October 1990 – July 2003: Degree at the University of Southampton. First Class BSc joint honours degree – Oceanography with Biology.


Recent grants / projects

Australian Research Council DECRA Research Fellow, AU$375,000, entitled “The effects of sea-level rise on the feeding ecology of coral-reef fishes in shallow water, and the implications for reef-flat food webs”.

University of Queensland New staff research start-up grant, AU$11,910 entitled “Fishes on coral reef flats: are they thermal generalists compared to fishes in deeper water?”

Great Barrier Reef Foundation grant, AU$150,000 entitled  “Quantification of coral reef habitat structural complexity and community composition in a changing ocean using 3D models.” (collaborator)

Natural Environment Research Council Independent Research Fellowship, £247,243, entitled “A holistic model of the factors controlling reef-fish populations, including both pre- and post-settlement processes”.

Earthwatch Project “Mangroves and coral reefs as effective fish nurseries: the effects of fishing, climate change, and altering coasts”, US$190,000, 2011-2015

UQ Global Change Institute Seed Grant “The effects of predators on blue carbon storage in an algal dominated landscape” (to Atwood  Macreadie, Madin, and Harborne), AU$8,600, 2014

Journal publications

Cited by 2754; h Index 22, i10-index 24 (http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=LcANET4AAAAJ&hl=en); h index 17 (Web of Science, ResearcherID: F-6155-2013); h index 19 (Scopus)

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Book chapters and conference proceedings

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