Typhoon Bopha in Palau, Micronesia

MSEL have returned to Palau in 2013 to start a new project on factors controlling coral recruitment, and revisiting the Palauan reefs after the category 5 super-typhoon ‘Bopha‘ passed south of the Island in December 2012. The impact on the exposed eastern reefs is severe, and in some cases devastating:   Although fortunately the Western […]

Size matters in competition between corals and macroalgae

New MSEL paper published in Marine Ecology Progress Series by Rena, Manuel and Pete shows that for corals and macroalgae, size matters! ABSTRACT: Corals and macroalgae compete for space, but the influence of species and size on the competitive outcome is poorly understood. Using a manipulative experiment, we evaluated the effect of macroalgal competition on the […]

GBR Connectivity

Karlo Hock was hosted by Dr. Scott Condie and The Southern Management Strategy Evaluation and Ecosystem Modelling group at CSIRO’s Marine and Atmospheric Research facilities in Hobart, Tasmania. Dr. Condie and his group have been developing high-resolution particle tracking models for the Great Barrier Reef ecoregion. Karlo will use the results of the particle-tracking models […]

Heron Island CCA identification workshop, with Bob Steneck

Some MSEL members and colleagues (Maggie, Catalina, K-le, and James) were recently lucky to have Professor Bob Steneck run a workshop for us at Heron Island on crustose coralline algae (CCA) identification. Workshop participants were first treated to an enlightening introductory seminar by Bob entitled: “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone: the […]

Coral spawning in the Caribbean

Chris Doropoulos has joined Nancy Knowlton’s team at the Smithsonian’s Bocas del Toro research station, Panama, to assist with the annual spawning event of the Montastrea annularis complex. Nancy Knowlton and Don Levitan have been recording the spawning times of around 500 marked colonies of M. annularis, M. faveolatus, and M. franksii, for approximately 18 […]

Surgeonfish grazing impact on algal turfs

Alyssa’s first PhD paper has been published online in Coral Reefs. In this study, we used aquaria trials to investigate for the first time the grazing impact of the abundant and common surgeonfish, Acanthurus nigrofuscus and Ctenochaetus striatus, on epilithic algal turfs. Both species overwhelmingly preferred to graze on sparse/short algal turfs over dense/long algal […]

Global disparity in the resilience of coral reefs

        Abstract: The great sensitivity of coral reefs to climate change has raised concern over their resilience. An emerging body of resilience theory stems largely from research carried out in a single biogeographic region; the Caribbean. Such geographic bias raises the question of transferability of concepts among regions. In this article, we […]

Introducing Marine Man and the Oceanauts!

  It’s a matter of life or depth… Introducing Marine Man! A new comic by a friend of Pete and MSEL, Ian Churchill is due to be released in comic book stores worldwide shortly. Issue one features a a focus on a real life marine biologist – Peter J Mumby: