My internship at MSEL – Tatiana Neves

I had the great opportunity of spending a part of my PhD on an internship at MSEL. I went to University of Queensland supported by a Brazilian program CAPES – Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior where students have the opportunity to do lab work and discuss their thesis topics with experts in their area of interest. This time in Australia was very important and constructive for both my professional and personal life. It was also possible to visit amazing places as the Great Barrier Reef.

Getting an internship at MSEL was fantastic for several reasons, including participating in the weekly lab meetings where interesting subjects were always discussed. I learned a lot from these meetings and getting great insights for my future research. During this period I worked with my database on rocky reef fish assemblages and was assisted by the excellent group who were always very willing to help. I had the opportunity to discuss my thesis with researchers Dr. Alastair Harborne, Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz (who helped me to get an appropriate statistical model to my work), as well as getting great feedback from Prof. Peter Mumby.

My experience on MSEL has been very rich and productive for my future within academia and greatly contributed to the organization and preparation of my thesis.

I would like to thank the MSEL group who contributed to my scientific growth, Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz for help with statistical analyzes, Rosanna Griffith-Mumby for her concern, attention and  help with the immigration documents. A special thanks to Dr. Peter Mumby for the great opportunity to visit this lab.