Summer internship at MSEL – Rafaela de Albuquerque Ribeiro

I had the great opportunity to do a summer internship at MSEL for six weeks, and during this period I worked with Jimena Samper-Villarreal, helping with her PhD project. I came to the University of Queensland supported by a scholarship program from the Brazilian government (Science Without Borders), and having the opportunity to work in […]

Typhoon Bopha in Palau, Micronesia

MSEL have returned to Palau in 2013 to start a new project on factors controlling coral recruitment, and revisiting the Palauan reefs after the category 5 super-typhoon ‘Bopha‘ passed south of the Island in December 2012. The impact on the exposed eastern reefs is severe, and in some cases devastating:   Although fortunately the Western […]

Coral spawning in the Caribbean

Chris Doropoulos has joined Nancy Knowlton’s team at the Smithsonian’s Bocas del Toro research station, Panama, to assist with the annual spawning event of the Montastrea annularis complex. Nancy Knowlton and Don Levitan have been recording the spawning times of around 500 marked colonies of M. annularis, M. faveolatus, and M. franksii, for approximately 18 […]

Herbivores and Heron Island

Alyssa, Chris and Jez have been up at Heron Island for the past couple of weeks. They lucked out with amazing weather, so have decided to take full advantage of it. Working on Alyssa’s surgeonfish grazing and Chris’s coral recruitment projects, the three MSEL bandits and their two volunteers (Julia and YY) have been diving […]

Fieldwork in Palau

Sonia, Jez, Alyssa and Pete were joined by Bob Steneck to work on the effects of wave exposure on coral reef processes in March 2012. They were also joined by their partners at the Palau International Coral Reef Center, Dr Yimnang Golbuu and Lukes Isechal. It was challenging work because a gradient of wave exposure […]